The car park: our added value

Our enclosed and enclosed car and carport is located next to the Residence.

Leave your car in our private car park (service subject to surcharge) and enjoy the perk of having your car right next to your accommodation facility, knowing that you can take it for a spin any time you want and come back and always find a space... this is a luxury we can offer you!

Our Residence is in a perfect location: it is not far from the sea and is only a stone's throw from the town centre where you can go on relaxing strolls and shopping sprees.
Discover the beautifully quaint town of Cattolica... it is a coastal tourist resort awaiting to be explored on foot or by bike!

If you wish to visit our beautiful countryside, just hop in your car... it's right next to the hotel! Take a ride from the coast to the heart of Romagna where breathtaking landscapes, medieval castles and history await you.

If you'd rather forget about your car during the holidays, find out about our bus and shuttle services!
They are connected to the nearby towns of Gradara and Riccione.

Start your holiday hassle-free!

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